Water Damage Mold Elimination

Water damage is bad enough with the damage that it causes to your property and the work it causes to repair. If water damage is bad enough it could cause floors to be restored or replaced, which is a lot of money. However, the worst part about water damage is not the damage that it causes to property, but the mold that it creates. When the floor gets wet underneath the surface, no amount of vacuuming will get all of the water up and that is where the real problem surfaces: mold.

Mold can be bad for health and lead to a number of illnesses, and it is virtually impossible to get rid of unless you rip up the surface and soak up all of the water. Even then, there is usually enough residual moisture to keep the mold fed and even with the slightest amount of humidity, say if you do not run a dehumidifier in a humid basement, it will immediately come back in full force.

All it takes is the one time

Once mold is established, it is very hard to get rid of and it keeps coming back. The key is to kill the spores that grow under the wet floor after the event of water damage and to make sure that all of the moisture is not only out from under the floor, but out from the air as well. We have the tools needed to take care of the problem and can ensure that your mold situation never comes back. It is sometimes difficult to tell if there is mold, but we also have the tools needed to check for mold as well as the experience needed to find it where people least expect.