Water Damage Floor Repair and Restoration

Water damage, it can be caused by faulty plumbing or mother nature, and both are devastating. The problem is that water damage is impossible to defend against because of the nature of its occurrence. There is no way that you are going to stop a flood, and once a fixture is leaky enough to cause water damage, it is too late and fixing it will not solve the problem of the damage that has already been done.

The effects of water damage can be great and can range from minor damage to the property to mold that requires the floor to be ripped up and completely replaced. This is the area that we thrive in. Floor replacement is our specialty and we have long been able to fix floors that have sustained a great deal of water damage either man made or done by mother nature. Floor replacement is not easy, but we are the ones for the job.

Never afraid of hard work

We not only understand what it takes to replace a floor from a planning level but we also know how to replace a floor that has to come up because of water damage. We know that the mold under the floor needs to be killed by removing all of the moisture not only from under the floor but from the air as well. A painstaking process to be sure, but one that we are familiar with and willing to do.

So for all of your water damage needs, why not call the people that have been in the business for years. The people that know exactly how to get rid of mold and replace and restore your floor for the lowest price, and for good. We are always here to help you with all of your water damage needs.